Tips on how to Stay Safe on a Cruise Vacation

When visiting other countries on your cruise vacation, personal safety needs to be a primary concern. Foreign ports of call present many challenges, including language and cultural barriers. Tourists can unwittingly become easy targets for petty thieves and scammers. If you view the risks, and make proper precautions, you are able to relax and enjoy your cruise adventure.

Cruiselines stay in constant experience of authorities, monitoring travel advisories which may impact their luxury crusie ship itineraries. If the U.S. State Department issues a travel advisory to get a specific location, the cruise line will make changes in their published itinerary.

Of late, the swine flu outbreak in Mexico caused several cruiselines to stop Mexican stopovers. However, these everything is rare. Know that such changes are produced for the security and safety of passengers.

Keep in mind that travelers must assume the greatest responsibility for his or her actions while ashore. When visiting ports-0f-call, travelers should take some common-sense precautions:

Stay within the normal tourist areas. In the event you travel far afield, it is best to take a guided tour. Book shore excursions through the cruise line for them to track your whereabouts and know if you'll be late returning to the ship.
Never leave your belongings unattended in public places.
Be alert to people surrounding you.
Never accept packages from anyone you do not know personally.
Dress and behave conservatively. As a tourist inside a foreign port, have a low profile. Drawing care about yourself may placed you vulnerable.
Be careful when consuming meals ashore. Alcohol can impair your judgment. If you are planning to dine in port, get recommendations from the cruise line.

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